Technical, industry-specific content writing

The Company

PortaOne is an international B2B company serving mobile network operators and other communication service providers in 90 countries.

Their flagman product, PortaSwitch, is a software solutions for unified communications, with two main components - billing and operation support systems (B/OSS) and SIP softswitch.

PortaSwitch was used as a part of core network for G-Mobile, a new mobile virtual network operator in Armenia. G-Mobile become very successful and grew by 20% in less than 1 year, partly because of the unique capabilities of PortaOne product, and its licensing system.

The Challenge

PortaOne needed to showcase this success story, explaining in a simple way G-Mobile’s technical solution and its benefits, to showcase the value of their product to other potential clients.

To help them achieve their goal, at Emerald Marketing we did:

Market Research

Technical Writing


We developed a very technical, industry-specific content - a case study about their client, G-Mobile, becoming a mobile virtual network operator and enabler, using PortaOne B/OSS system as one of the core components.

While the case study was about G-Mobile’s technical solution, the goal was to show the business outcome. For that, we interviewed both PortaOne & G-Mobile project stakeholders, gain data from Gartner and other trusted sources to benchmark G-Mobile results against the industry, and built a business case with data like costs of ownership decrease and company size growth as a result of PortaOne product implementation.

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