Data-driven marketing for
fast-growing tech companies.

Tech business is quite unique, and so is marketing for a tech product. It has to be agile, scalable, and driven by data - and that is exactly what we offer here.

Our approach

We focus on business needs & goals to determine marketing activities that drive actual results (leads, customers, revenue) instead of so-called 'marketing results' (website visitors, social media fans, etc.).

We also help businesses track the right data & set up correct metrics for their marketing activities, so that analytics become an integral part of every decision-making process.

Analytics and Data Management

Today, we have so much data coming our way from different sources and marketing tools - sometimes it can be overwhelming.
Our goal is to help you understand the data you have, and use it to make solid business decisions.

Marketing Personas and Messaging

Speaking your customer's language is the key to success.
One of our superpowers is communicating complex tech concepts in simple words.
We research your target audience, tune your Marketing Persona, and compile a message that highlights your products benefits using words your customer understands.

Strategic Planning and Go To Market

Building a new product or updating an existing one?
We can plan and execute all activities you might need for a successful launch.
Market strategy and positioning, lead gen, sales enablement, onboarding & support - whatever you need to get done.

Personal Branding

Can you use your name to grow your business?
In short, the answer is YES.
Your reputation can be a big help in convincing your potential customer to buy your product, or bringing press attention to your company's news. We can make sure you have one.

"Inviting these guys to the team was the smartest decision we did in our marketing. Their feedback on our strategy and market conditions helped us pivot our business idea, improve our products and get better exposure. I wish we did that earlier!"

Andrey Gorev, COO, Esonix

Our Customers

We work with a wide variety of tech businesses, including established small and medium-sized companies, enterprise-level organizations, as well as individuals.

Case Study: PortaOne

Technical, industry-specific content writing

Case Study: Zadarma

European VoIP company gets wide exposure in US

"'We launched a new product that thanks to excellent marketing planning and orchestration attracted most attention among Megaplan’s products in record short time.’"

Souheil Zakkar, Head of Sales, Megaplan

About the Company

Since 2012, we’ve worked with tech companies in North America, Europe, and Ex-USSR. Our core team is distributed across 2 continents and 4 time zones.

We are passionate about helping great ideas and products make their way to market.
From our expertise in marketing tech products, we've gained a deep understanding of best practices for marketing communications and strategies. We use these insights to help our clients reach their growth targets and transform their marketing into data-driven, result-oriented process that serves their customers' needs.

Send us the details about your business and the project you need help with, and we will respond with an accurate quote and timeline for the work.

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